I’m R. Stuart Geiger, a Ph.D candidate at UC-Berkeley’s School of Information and an ethnographer at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science. I study the infrastructures and institutions that support the production of knowledge, with most of my previous work on Wikipedia and ecological research networks. Like any modern city, these massive enterprises doesn’t just happen; there are both social and technical aspects that are crucial to their success, but are all-too-often ignored. I’m most interested in questions about community formation, newcomer socialization, governance, standards, and the role that software and software developers play in these projects.

I’m a disciplinary nomad, integrating fields like computer science, information science, social psychology, and organization/management science with fields like philosophy, sociology, anthropology, and history of science and technology. In terms of academic fields, I spend a lot of my time in the fields of Science and Technology Studies, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, and media studies.  Methodologically, while I am trained as a qualitative ethnographer, I remain open to qualitative, quantitative, and experimental methods. I often use more statistical forms of analysis to contextualize and further support more qualitative approaches, frequently collaborating with people from other disciplines.