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The Lives of Bots

Published in Wikipedia: A Critical Point of View, 2011
I describe the complex social and technical environment in which bots exist in Wikipedia, emphasizing not only how bots produce order and enforce rules, but also how humans produce bots and negotiate rules around their operation.

Bots, bespoke code, and the materiality of software platforms

Published in Information, Communication, and Society, 2014
This article introduces and discusses the role of bespoke code in Wikipedia, which is code that runs alongside a platform or system, rather than being integrated into server-side codebases.


IPoXP: Internet Protocol over Xylophone Players

We introduce IP over Xylophone Players (IPoXP), a novel Internet protocol between two computers using xylophone-based Arduino interfaces. In our implementation, human operators are situated within the lowest layer of the network, transmitting data between computers by striking designated keys. We discuss how IPoXP inverts the traditional mode of human-computer interaction, with a computer using the human as an interface to communicate with another computer

0 (the game)

One of the many forks of the popular game 1024 by Veewo Studio (which is conceptually similar to Threes by Asher Vollmer). Try to combine all the 0 tiles until they add up to 1.

Apparent Things

A Twitter bot powered by tweets proclaiming that something ‘is apparently a thing.’


An algorithmically-generated robots.txt, which disallows all bots with one exception: the bot requesting the file is allowed full access.


Actor-Network Theory

An introduction to Actor Network Theory for students in the Masters of Information Management and Systems (MIMS) course

Governing the Commons

A lecture on the history of Wikipedia, in the broader context of the history of reference works.

Moderating Online Conversation Spaces

An overview of how various online platforms moderate content, discussing issues that link up to the theories discussed in the Social Aspects of Information Systems class.

Peer Production and Wikipedia

An overview of Wikipedia and other peer production platforms, discussing issues that link up to the theories discussed in the Social Aspects of Information Systems class.

Scraping Wikipedia Data

A tutorial (with Jupyter notebooks) about how to use APIs to query structured data from Wikipedia articles and the Wikidata project.

Community Sustainability in Wikipedia: A Review of Research and Initiatives

Wikipedia relies on one of the world’s largest open collaboration communities. Since 2001, the community has grown substantially and faced many challenges. This presentation reviews research and initiatives around community sustainability in Wikipedia that are relevant for many open source projects, including issues of newcomer retention, governance, automated moderation, and marginalized groups.


INFO-103: History of Information (Spring 2014)

Undergraduate course, Teaching assistant
INFO 103 is an elective undergraduate course in the UC-Berkeley School of Information, crosslisted with History, Media Studies, and Cognitive Science.